Science Lab

The integration of scientific knowledge with practical skills help us to maximize your competitiveness in the employment market. Here research projects are carried out to develop our practical skills, critical analysis, problem solving & there application to real life situation, meaningful learning occurs as laboratory activities are a well integrated part of the learning sequence.

Science Labs:

The gift of science has added greatly to the dignity and sublimity of human civilization and science is often acclaimed as an angel of creative ideas. It is to hone these creative ideas that HMPS has excellent laboratories of Physics, Chemistry and Biology; and it is here that students learn to bring their experiments out of these labs to their daily lives.

Physics Lab:

It is an ultra modern lab fully equipped with latest apparatus to provide the much needed facilities to the students from classes I to XII. 

Chemistry Lab:

The Chemistry Lab in HMPS is well equipped with all requisite well ventilated lab apparatus and chemicals required upto class XII. The lab can accommodate beyond 40 students and is well ventilated. Students are guided by qualified teachers to complete their projects and experiments. The lab is very spacious and very is well ventilated and equipped with fire fighting devices also.

Biology Lab:

The spacious, well ventilated Biology Lab has all the models, specimens, charts, chemicals etc keeping in view the well planned syllabus. The lab is also equipped with many necessary items required beyond experimental objectives. The well qualified teachers are always there to help out the students in pursuit of knowledge.